5th Neurosurgical Masterclass TRAUMA

 General information

The Neurosurgical Masterclass is a course which addresses the medical student who is preparing for a career in neurosurgery and the young medical professional who is interested in improving his knowledge regarding different neurosurgical concepts.

The unique element of the course is that renowned specialists in the fields of neurosurgery, radiology and anatomy work and present alongside medical residents and senior neurosurgeons  to offer a complete, correct, tangible understanding which is in line with the current internationally accepted medical practice.

The present fifth edition will tackle the field of Neurotraumatology, which includes head, spine and peripheral nerves injury. This subject is of great importance as it is amongst the main causes for disability, and a good outcome can depend entirely on the accurate, oriented and quick decisions made by the neurosurgical care team.

Thus, we have the opportunity once again to learn from the best in this field and build solid knowledge regarding trauma in general and specifically neurotrauma.

The course does not aim to be exhaustive, our premise is that of a synthetic course which can stimulate and encourage the young participants to pursue the path of neurosurgery and also to pass on the necessary tools for a correct, advised opinion on medical information.”

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